france“TheGodlyThinker”is a personal “English Ministry” blog of “Francis Tendencia” which exists for the purpose of confronting and weighing the major mindsets of the world manifested through its philosophical “sayings” or ideologies, by means of the truth that comes from the Absolute Authority in the Universe – the Bible.

Regarding Quotations

The “Quotes” presented here either from Christians or Non-Christians do not mean that the author is promoting them. But rather, they are words or sayings considered and examined in the light of what the Bible says. We have quotations, mottos, sayings, maxim, because as Proverbs 25:11 says, “A word fitly spoken is like apple of gold in pictures of silver.” But on the other hand, there are words that maybe well-stated, but not true! And to this we must guard our hearts.

Of course, every “saying” has its own context. Quoting “Confucius’” or “Atheist’s” moral or intelligent words then in this Blog does not mean that the author promotes them. No! The author is a strong Bible believer in a Protestant, Fundamental, Evangelical, Reformed, and Dispensational point of view. This Blog is a product of his general reading, and an exercise of “testing all things” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Words are not cheap, so be careful how you listen; hear them with great care, because “words” will create “thoughts” which in turn will become “actions.” As someone has said, “Ideas have consequences.” If you receive good and truthful words, that’s life; if you receive deceitful or half-truth words, that’s death. That’s the simplicity of it. Okay?

The Ads

The “ads” popping up below are not from the author, nor intended and constantly known by him; but a promotion or advertisement “controlled” by WordPress in exchanged for freely using their platform. This is the disadvantage of a Free-User. Hoping then that this Blog would be upgraded to Premium so that the “Ads” will be removed.

Your Help

If you see typographical and grammatical errors, please kindly inform the author to immediately correct the errors. The author will take this as your contribution to his ministry 🙂

The Author

Francis is also a freelance writer whose field of interest focuses on Philosophical, Theological, Apologetical, and Polemical writings. He also do Devotionals. His unflinching conviction stands for the “Doctrines of Grace” and “the Practice of Grace” which are actually the heartbeat of all his writing endeavors. If you’re interested to hire him as your writer, feel free to email him.

He also spends his time, energy, and money  on his church-planting ministry in the Calabarzon part of Luzon, Philippines. He is a die-hard “Expository-Exultation Preaching” proponent under the influence of his favorite author, John Piper.

Inspired by one of his spiritual heroes, Francis Schaeffer, he’s praying and faithfully working to establish an L-Abri style of ministry with emphasis on Philosophy, Polemics, Confessions, Puritan-Reformed, and Dispensational Theology (surprise?). These are all in Filipino context.

Skype: pinoyapologista


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